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Gomar Witwicka

Małgorzata Witwicka Insurance Agency – the company was established in 1992, in the insurance industry until 1998. It employs over 20 full-time agents and is one of the largest and most award-winning multiagencies in Małopolska.


The client approached us with the problem of implementing the necessary approvals to the contact forms, placing new company’s offices on the contact page and the problem of updating the content on the website.

Website audit, 180° rotation

We conducted a website audit, which turned the project 180° from the implementation of improvements to the construction of a completely new product.

The website that was replaced had a big technological debt. The site was not compliant with current standards. It is based on a proprietary content management system with low quality source code. It was very expensive to get the project straightforward and continue the expansion of this solution. We decided to build a new website based on the well-known WordPress CMS, meeting all the business requirements of the client.

Tasks and project phases

  1. Collection of customer requirements and business objectives
  2. Testing of the receiving group
  3. Design of information architecture
  4. Designing a new layout
  5. Programming and implementation of the website

Below is a prototype of the GOMARcooperation website

Below is a prototype of the GOMARhomepage

Technology and suppliers

A perfect fit*

*friendly look on every device

Business benefits and effects

Thanks to the exchange of the website the company received a great tool to promote its business. Thanks to the use of the latest and proven technology, authorized employees can change information on the website (including pictures) in a few seconds without knowledge of programming languages. Thanks to the use of SSL Let’s Encrypt, the security of customer data has been increased. The website is now not only visually friendly and safer for customers but also for indexing robots. This makes the website more visible in search engines.

Customer reference:

“From the beginning, the cooperation with Mr. Ryszard Dańda, Yellowgray Group Sp. z o.o., was professional and timely. The professionalism of service surprised me pleasantly and the prepared website met my expectations. The distinction which is an individual approach to the order and high quality of service allows me to recommend Yellowgray Group Sp. z o.o.”. –

Małgorzata Witwicka owner of insurance agency Gomar Witwicka, Małopolska Insurance Multiagencies Network