Branding, design

Hairdresser’s Sabina Żołnierczyk

Beautiful and healthy hair is the basis of image! The haircut made with extraordinary professionalism by Sabina Żołnierczyk hairdressing salon lacked only a dignified image in the media, which was taken care of by our Yellowgray agency.


Sabina’s unique and fresh look at men’s and women’s hairstyles made us understand that salon identification cannot be boring compared to other Polish hairdressing salons. So, we’ve introduced a touch of style from across the great ocean…

Genesis of the sign

The main assumption when designing the brand mark was to refer to the foreign style of hairdressing salons and Barbers. The sign was created on the basis of spread out hairdressing scissors formed in a capital X, in which three letters are inscribed as abbreviations of the salon name. An additional element at the bottom of the sign is an open scissors to refer to the readiness for new challenges and hairdressing projects. The final stage is to close everything in the rim, thus creating a coherent closed sign structure.