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Oliwa Ze Wsi Ceramic

“Greckie Przysmaki” is the largest online shop with Greek food in Poland. The brand belongs to the Greek Company, which is the producer of the original Greek oil “Oliwa ZE WSI”.


We were faced with the challenge of designing a completely new product packaging for the limited edition of the Village Oil Ceramic. A product aimed at people for whom product design is as important as oil quality.

Project stages

  1. Collection of customer requirements
  2. Examination of the potential recipient group
  3. Product packaging design
  4. Design of promotional materials
  5. Placing the product on the market

Technology and suppliers

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Adobe Illustrator CC

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Business benefits and effects

The Village Oil Brand lacked a product aimed at people who love not only the high quality of Greek oil, but also beautiful design. There was also a lack of a product that would stand out from the competition. Which could be a great product to give to your loved ones. The oil from the Ceramic Village was the answer to these needs.

Village oil in a ceramic bottle

The product quickly became a sales hit, reaching exactly the planned group. It had its premiere at Warsaw Food Expo 2017.


bottles sold


bottles sold in advance


bottles sold in the first 3 months


more often bought “as a gift” compared to a classic bottle