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Visual identification system Greckie Przysmaki

“Greckie Przysmaki” is the largest online shop with Greek food in Poland. The brand belongs to the Greek Company, which is the producer of the original Greek oil “Oliwa ZE WSI”.


Our task for the Greckie Przysmaki brand was to prepare a complete visual identification system based on the existing brand logo. Despite the fact that the brand was very young on the market, it has already gained considerable recognition among customers.

Our additional task was to prepare printed materials such as a sign book, business cards, company papers.

Work steps

A very big problem of the brand was the lack of clearly defined standards and guidelines for communication. This has brought a lot of chaos to the digital and printed materials being created.


In the first step we built a logotype file. Unfortunately the owner did not have any editable files. Based on the logotype file provided to us, we rebuilt it again. While making cosmetic improvements.


The second very demanding step was to prepare a concept for the use of the logo, to prepare the rules of use and to close the book of the logo, which contains more than 12 pages of information on how to deal with the brand.


The last very extensive step was the preparation of basic printed materials for the brand such as business cards, letterheads and a few other advertising materials.

Technology and suppliers

Business benefits and effects

Thanks to the conducted works, the company got a solid base and a tool to build its brand and market position.

Improving visibility

We have closed the entire brand concept in a multi-page manual to facilitate further work. The result was to minimize the number of inquiries about the use of the logo. Introducing harmony into the company’s newly developed promotional materials, while speeding up the design process.


Designed documents


the number of enquiries concerning the use of the graphic symbol


increase efficiency in designing new materials